Kingdom School 2023

The gospel is the message written on every heart, made known to the human soul by conscience.

With God being the Creator, and us being the created, we need to understand our dependence on Him, and why it is important.

God has set an order in place, and that order is lived out through His Kingdom. A submission to HIS will and HIS authority is the only way to live a fully functional life.

The main reason for Kingdom School, is to help the Church grow more and more into His likeness. It is to equip and train Church in the understanding that there are two kingdoms, and if we are not fully and wholeheartedly seeking His Kingdom first (Mat.6:33), then we are guaranteed to live in the kingdom of darkness.

The enemy knows this full well, and therefore deceive and distract us in cunning ways.

Come join us for Kingdom School to learn more about both kingdoms, and to continue the process of growth as a Christ follower.